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Tourism In Penang: The Benefits Of Rental Cars

Penang is one of Malaysia’s fastest growing tourist spots. Each year, the state has reported record numbers of tourists. The cultural, architecture, and natural wonders of the area have grown to be highly coveted from those traveling from afar. As the volume of tourists pouring into Penang rises, the need for safe and affordable transportation becomes greater and greater. Though the state has become something of a leader when it comes to tourist destinations, there is still something to be desired as far as its available public transport here. At the time, there are really only two options available:

1 – Taxis (which tend to be quite expensive)

2 – Motorcycles (which are not suited for group travel, and are also dangerous)

As such, the demand for more car rental options in Penang is growing exponentially. Renting a vehicle is undoubtedly the best bet for getting around. More and more travel packages are starting to include them as a feature. Vehicle renting is an optimal choice for tourists since it allows them to travel on their own terms and ultimately save a bit of money overall. The privacy is also a big factor, as does feeling safer since there’s no need to trust strangers in an unfamiliar location.

Long & Short Term Rentals

The benefit of renting cars is that there’s generally no time limit that’s set in stone. You can rent either short or long term depending entirely upon your personal needs and how long you’ll be around. The rates are very attractive regardless of which you go with, especially considering the cost you’d had to eat if you were sticking to taxis every day. Of course, the longer you need to rent, the more appealing the rate tends to become. Most rental cars even come with GPS functionality, making sure you never have to worry about getting lost as long as you know the address of your next destination.

Even if you’re only staying a short time, short term rental agreements still represent a huge financial savings. Some car rental places will even offer a traveling guide if you’re interested. The only trick is to make sure you don’t agree to the first deal you come across. You can almost always come across something a bit more affordable and lucrative for your personal needs if you shop around a bit.

Online Car Rental Services

Just as with arranging flights or booking hotels, you can also rent cars online these days. You can even get a car secured ahead of time and have it waiting for you upon arrival. You’ll even have the option of choosing your vehicle. For the type that wants to get things settled up front rather than have a host of complications to sift through, this is the best option. You can have the keys handed to you as soon as you get into the area, leaving you more time to simply enjoy yourself.


If you’re going to Penang, Malaysia, you should definitely consider getting around via a car rental service. It’s also in your best interest to use an online booking service to secure the car ahead of time. You’ll save considerable time and money, and the entirety of your traveling inside the area will be in your own hands. Remember to checkout:
No. 26 Solok Rajawali 1,, Ideal Haus @ One Residence, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Phone: +60 4-618 0242

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